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Carly Tominovich | ARCH 2020 | Spring 2018

Throughout the 2018 Spring semester, I focused largely on the conditions of interior versus exterior space and the capacity for a building to engage with the space which it occupies. From my studies on the built scale, I began to narrow my focus to the human scale and explore the ways in which humans engage with exterior spaces and work to bring the outdoors in for each resident in this collective housing complex. In doing so, I began to hone in the corner conditions existing within each unit and, more specifically each room. I viewed the corner windows to be especially important as the passage of light largely impacts the creation of space, and engages directly with the external environment. Additionally, the courtyard which is open to the outside allows residents in each of their respective units, as well as their collective living spaces, to view the outdoors and changing weather conditions on a public level; on the private level, there are balconies protruding from one bedroom, opening to views of the outdoors.