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Rethinking the Waiting Experience at UVA's Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center

Cassie Jernigan + Lily Kelly

ARCH 3011 | Fall 2017

How do we create a CONSTRUCTIVE, FREE + PERSONALIZED waiting period for patients + supporters that will help to overcome the boredom, distress + discomfort it causes?

The current state of the waiting period at the ECCCC is limited to confined areas. Due to this, the waiting experience is particularly uncomfortable. Through extensive research, we discovered patients are subject to stress and want to feel more relaxed. Considering the needs of patients as well as other users - doctors, nurses, etc. - we designed a system of parts of furniture that can be combined to create a series of ENVIRONMENTS. These specific environments include places for respite, privacy, interaction, distraction, work, and play. We propose to put these environments throughout the hospital in nooks and open spaces. Currently, there is only one nook being built on the fourth floor. As the hospital is currently be redesigned, we propose to the architects to consider adding differently sized nooks throughout the hospital. As a result, WAITING WILL NOW BE EVERYWHERE. Each user can have the experience they want.