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Gabriela Rodas | ARCH 1020 | Fall 2017

This project is a design proposal for a pavilion on a lake-front site. It is a folly, a playful structure meant to provide a place of inspiration and discovery that adds to the charm of the site itself. Its name hints at the poetic function of this pavilion, which is to have a reflecting pool essentially represent the lake that rests on the horizon, while the long narrow shape of the pool also mirrors the shape of the existing lake house that sits directly opposite the lake. Therefore, “Intermundium” sits parallel to two different “worlds” (the lake and the lake house), occupying a new space between the two, while also combining characteristics from both. Implied forms and open shapes are introduced, with a balcony that offers a fantastic view of the lake. The sketch models explore its closed and open spaces, as well as the playfulness of light and shadow.