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Andrew Helmbrecht + Emma Hendrix

ARCH 3010 | Venice | Fall 2017


Venice is a city of water and stone, and a city that desperately clings to its past. The urban fabric is relentless in its density of buildings from past centuries, revealed to the pedestrian by tight corridors and alleys, occasionally traveling up and down over bridges spanning similarly tight canals. We chose to work on the water, a new form of building site in the city that takes precedent from experimental projects of the last century, and one which will undoubtedly become more relevant in future years.

Eight separate floating gallery spaces extend into the lagoon directly adjacent to the city’s largest contemporary art museum, creating a continuous addition to the current space while adding the experiential element of being above the surface of the lagoon’s waters. The site at Punta Della Dogana is unique in its central placement between the most important religious institutions of the city in San Marco, Santa Maria della Salute, Il Redentore, and San Giorgio Maggiore. At various times through the year, the spaces can be linked and stretched across the city to form bridges to these sites, which have traditionally built temporary bridges for festivals throughout each calendar year.