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SUBMIT YOUR PROJECTS TO varchmag@gmail.com



  • Name, studio, semester (ex. Andrew Helmbrecht, ARCH 2020, Spring 2017).

  • A brief description of your project (100-300 words).

  • 5-10 images/video/audio (see media guidelines below).


  • All image files should be in landscape orientation, submitted as .png or .jpg (300 dpi), with a file size under 15 MB each. Please provide image files in the largest dimension possible.

  • Image files should be named in the following format: LastName_FirstName_ProjectName_01_Section.png

  • Image files should be submitted in order of importance (i.e. ProjectName_01_Section.png is the most important image in the project, ProjectName_02_SitePlan.png is the 2nd most important image, and so on)

  • Image captions should be 120 characters or fewer.



  • All video content should be uploaded to Vimeo. Please ensure that the video is not set to “private.”

  • Video should be no longer than 10 minutes.

  • Please submit a direct link to the video at the beginning of the description module.

  • Descriptions should provide a succinct summary of the video content, and be no longer than 75 words.

  • If applicable, please provide closed captions for your video.



  • Audio files should be uploaded to an online audio distribution platform, such as Soundcloud.

  • Audio should be captioned as follows: Author(s), Title, duration, year.

  • Please provide a direct link in the description module, followed by a brief description of no more than 75 words. This should provide a succinct summary of the audio content.


  • Authors are required to acquire permission for all images not of their own making that are copyright protected. Authors assume responsibility for all required permissions and fees related to the replication of copyrighted images. Virginia Architecture Magazine is not liable for the reproduction of any images for which an author fails to acquire the necessary rights and privileges