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Malik Vaughan | ARCH 4011 | Fall 2016

The current refugee crisis is growing. As the crisis develops, many countries are experiencing difficulty finding a way to house all of the migrants seeking asylum. The migrants face loss of life, injury, hate, and discrimination along their voyages and at the end of the day, most migrants have to endure subpar living arrangements in refugee shelters. The overcrowded shelters often have limited resources available to them and struggle to improve the environment for the refugees. Mattresses line the floors of many, covering every square inch of space possible. Refugees lack privacy and personal space. Circulation through these spaces is often difficult as one must step over people and their beds. ELEVATE aims to improve this situation for refugees around the world.


ELEVATE is a modern and mobile take on the murphy bed, popular in many urban areas where space is limited. One ELEVATE system provides comfortable sleeping arrangements for four people. The bunk bed style setup is more efficient than a single tier layout, while also raising people off of the ground for a more comfortable rest. ELEVATE can be easily placed anywhere with its compact 8’6 x 8’11 fully extended dimension. The ELEVATE system is raised on wheels and with its compressed dimensions of 76” x 28”, it easily fits through most doors, allowing it to be shipped fully assembled. The compact size also allows for easier storage during the day.

Added features include storage shelves and coat hooks for the refugees using the ELEVATE system, a compass to orient refugees, two tables that pull out from ELEVATE’s structure, and a chalk board attachment that can be added to the system. ELEVATE is multifunctional and can be used day or night. Future ELEVATE systems include portable kitchen, dining space, bathroom, and classroom arrangements.