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Vy Do | ARCH 3010 | Fall 2016

The city of Baltimore is involved with a lot of urban farming activities and it has a lot of vacant lots available for people to use. Inspired by the bitter melon, the exotic vines growing program is seen as an interesting application to the site and the city. Vines creates nice shades and cooling effects, bear healthy fruits and their flowers are extremely beautiful. Vines like the bitter melon, sweet pea, grape, passion fruit, kiwis, and etc. 

The program is meant to showcase the beauty of vines, which is relatively unknown to people, and its fruit production. The building, at the same time, can become a focal element of the city, creating a unique visibility which capture people’s interest in growing vines. 


By looking at both the study of the bitter melon fruit and the site at Baltimore one can imagine how the building fits and interacts with the site. Through the use of waffle and facet fabrication, the resulting structure is seen as emerging and floating from the ground. With a facet dome placed over, occupied by vines growing on the light tab-like structures, one can experience the spatial quality of both being in the interior and the exterior, constantly looking at this unique fuzzy looking, green covered dome.